Birdies Wild Bird Food – Premium Peanuts – Bird Food for Wild Birds (50kg)


Our premium-quality peanuts are perfect for feeding wild birds at any time of the year, providing a fantastic source of energy due to a high fat and essential oils content.

  • 100% natural seeds
  • Aflatoxin tested
  • Husk-free to minimise waste and mess, with a convenient sized kernel for small birds to eat
  • High in energy and nutritional value, full of essential oils and high in calories
  • No-grow formula, ensuring no unwanted cultivation of your garden
  • Available in four large size packs for added value

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One of the most-popular options for feeding wild birds, peanuts are loved by birds of all shapes and sizes, as a nutritious and delicious meal all-year-round.

With 45% fat, and 24% protein, peanuts are the perfect blend of nutrients offering birds of all types significant energy boosts and strength.

Loved by almost all birds that will visit your garden, they are particularly useful for any species that like to create stores of food – such as nuthatches, who are also good at breaking through the shell of the nut to get to the kernel inside.

However, they won’t need to do that with our premium quality peanuts, which come husk-free so that all birds are able to access this supreme source of goodness.

By removing the outer shell for you, our peanuts will appeal to an even wider array of wild birds, as well as make the meal quick and easy for any visitors to feed without fear of predators interrupting. It also has the added benefit of making no mess in your garden – with no shells cast away on your lawn!

Our peanuts come whole, so we recommend using them with a bird feeder to prevent smaller birds choking on the larger nuts. If you don’t have a feeder, you can crush or cut the nuts up into smaller pieces, or if you want to try something different you can blend the nuts up with butter to make high-energy peanut butter that birds will love.

Our full range of premium-quality seeds are straight from the mill with long expiry dates; we buy in bulk, direct from farmers, and pass on the savings to you.

All of our wild bird food deliveries come in strong bags to prevent any mess during transit or storage.

If you have any questions, you can call our UK-based customer service team on 0191 500 6000, or outside of office hours you can send us an email and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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12.55kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg

Nutritional Information per 100g
Fat (Total)49g
Saturated Fat7g
Vitamin A0% (RDA)
Vitamin C0% (RDA)
Vitamin D0% (RDA)
Vitamin B120% (RDA)
Vitamin B60% (RDA)
Calcium9% (RDA)
Iron25% (RDA)
Magnesium0% (RDA)