Birdies Sunflower Hearts – Bird Seed for Wild Birds (25kg)


Our premium quality, husk-free sunflower hearts are ideal for attracting a wide-variety of wild birds to your garden, offering them a high energy nutritious source of food all year round.

  • 100% natural seeds
  • Husk-free to minimise waste and mess, with a convenient sized kernel for small birds to eat
  • High in energy and nutritional value, full of essential oils and high in calories
  • No-grow formula, ensuring no unwanted cultivation of your garden
  • Available in six large size packs for added value

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Sunflower seeds but with the husk removed, our sunflower hearts are quick and convenient for birds, offering them a snack that is both delicious and high in nutritional value.

With a huge calorie-to-weight ratio, sunflower hearts are packed full of energy which is essential for birds throughout the year. Whether they’re feeding chicks, moulting in the summer, or preparing to migrate massive distances, birds of all types will require boosts of energy at different times of the year. Sunflower hearts are perfect for this.

They are rich in essential oils and vitamins, helping to keep beaks, feather and skin in excellent condition.

They are also incredibly quick and easy for birds to eat, as the outer seed casing has been removed allowing birds to eat the kernel in one. It makes them easily digestible, even for smaller or younger birds, and easier for adults to carry back to their nests. – and getting away from the feeder before they attract the attentions of predators.

Of course, this also has the added benefit of reducing the mess to your garden – no unwanted casing means no discarded bits of seed around your feeder.

As such a convenient source of nutrition, it comes as no surprise that sunflower hearts are popular with a huge variety of birds, with finches, tits, woodpeckers, starlings and robins particularly fond of them.

They are also beloved by squirrels, so it is worth taking measures to protect your feeders if you can.

Our full range of premium-quality seeds are straight from the mill with long expiry dates; we buy in bulk, direct from farmers, and pass on the savings to you.

All of our wild bird food deliveries come in strong bags to prevent any mess during transit or storage.

If you have any questions, you can call our UK-based customer service team on 0191 500 6000, or outside of office hours you can send us an email and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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Nutritional Information per 100g
Fat (Total)51g
Saturated Fat4.5g
Vitamin A1% (RDA)
Vitamin C2% (RDA)
Vitamin D0% (RDA)
Vitamin B120% (RDA)
Vitamin B665% (RDA)
Calcium7% (RDA)
Iron29% (RDA)
Magnesium81% (RDA)